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This page contains lecture notes for the lecture Exploration with ElectroMagnetic Methods  by Dr. Kurt Strack.

A list of references for this lecture is available either as PDF file or word document. For more references please go to our Resource Library (username: embook; password: greatyear).

Course participants

University of Houston Spring 2009:Chirag Parekh, Duan Li, Fouad Shehab, Jaime Vargas, Jianxiang Shen, Miao Luo, Yinan Xing, Rui Zhang, Zhijuan Zhang

EMGS course: Adekenle Odula, Alexander Rozhu, Anwar H. Bhuiyan, Astrid Bjorke, Audun Andersen, Bård Peter Thrane, Benjamin Dubois, Cathrine Ringstad, Claudia Twarz, Daniel Shantsev, Egil Hovih, Eivind Coward, Erlend Rotmo Slapgard, Frida M. Mrope, Idar Petersen, Janet Vindenes, Joanne Suffert, Jϋrgen Zach, Ken Feather, Kenneth Wenhaug, Ketil Brauti, Kristian Hansen, Lars Jensen, Lars Petter Solevåg, Magne Crage, Martin Panzner, Ole Christensen, Ole Martin Pedersen, Øystein Hallanger, Romain Poujardieu, Sebastien de Rhyove, Shahid Khan, Stein Fanavoll, Tor Helge Huse, Vidar Furuholt, Vidar Markhus, Volker Ullirich

ION Technologies course: Jeff Cunkelman, Greg Slansky, Tim Rigsby, Curt Schneider, Robert Bloor, Felix Bircher, Dale Lambert, Rob Roquette, Bill Murray, Mike Saur, Richard Eperjesi, Mark Amelang

Aramco course: Saleh Az-Ruwaili, Alberto Marsala, Mike Rein, Zulf Mazir, Mahdi Al-Yami, Riyadh Al Saad, Robert Ley, Saleh Al-Saleh, Robert Greaves

EMGS course in Kuala Lumpur: Andy Lozano, Lars Lorenz, Leong Siew Fong, Lim Toon Hoong, Naim Abd Rahman, Siti Hassulaini Abdul Rahman, Tan Kian Wei, Thomas Sjøberg, Tor Atle Wicklund

Rxt course in Oslo: Arnt-Louis Olsen, Asgrin SunnanaBorge Fridahl Larsen, Colin Dyson, Erik Godøy, Geir Tønjum, Michael Scott, Morten Gulliksend, Odd Erik Rudshang, Richard Slabbert, Steinar Fjeldbo, Steve Callan, Thomas Smestad, Tom Felland Krogh, Tore Lindberg

EMGS course in Houston: Anne Marit Oestvedt Ghazi, Tra Pham, Cam Kanhalangsy, Mark Hamilton, Shengjie Sun, Honglin Yuan, Xiaoli Xie, Yardenia Martinez, Inga Löhken, Antonio Fabris













Please for general information about this and other courses visit our Training Summary Page.


The lectures are in FULL COMpact and SUMmary format.  The FULL being the longest for a 1 week long lecture series.  The PDF links point to PDF files printed as note pages, 3 slides per page, of the FULL lecture.  Topics may be bundled into 1 lecture.


Additional lectures of interest:

             KMS Technologies company portfolio overview


                    Lecture links

Overview                                                   FULL

Summary introduction:

    Advanced in EM                                      FULL           SUM   PDF

Background physics & methods

    History of surface EM methods                   FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
    Electrical properties of rocks                      FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
    Summary of logging tools & methods              FULL  COM  SUM  PDF

    Electromagnetic methods 

        Physics & instruments                          FULL  COM  SUM  PDF

    Data processing                                      FULL  COM  SUM  PDF

Special topics:



    Feasibility studies                                          
from 1D to complex studies               FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
Monitoring & permanent sensors         FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
    Case histories                                         FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
Case histories
Sub-salt imaging: Wedehof        FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
Geothermal                            FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
Resolving resistive layer                     FULL  COM  SUM  PDF
-TCSEM™ case histories
Sub-basalt imaging                   FULL  COM  SUM  PDF

Handout study materials:



Nekut, A.G., and Spies, B.R., 1989, Petroleum exploration using controlled source electromagnetic methods, Proc. IEEE, 77, 338-362.


Passlacqua, H., 1983, Electromagnetic field due to a thin resistive layer, Geophysical prospecting, 31, 945-976.


Strack, K.-M. , 1992, Exploration with Deep Transient Electromagnetics - Introduction and Indexes: Elsevier Science Publishers B. V., Amsterdam.

Introduction    Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5    Chapter 6    Chapter 7    Chapter 8     Chapter 9  Appendices: 1  2  3  4  5  6  7

Strack, K.-M., Hanstein, T. H., and Eilenz, H. N., 1989, LOTEM data processing for areas with high cultural noise levels: Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interior, 53, 261-269.

Strack, K.-M., Hanstein, T., Lebrocq, K., Moss, D. C., Petry, H., Vozoff, K., and Wolfgram, P. A., 1989, Case histories of LOTEM surveys in hydrocarbon prospective areas: First Break, 7, 467-477.

Strack, K.-M., Lueschen, E., Koetz, A. W., 1990, Long-offset transient electromagnetic (LOTEM) depth soundings applied to crustal studies in the Black Forest and Swabian Alb, FRG: Geophysics, 55, 834-842.

Strack, K.-M., and Pandey, P. B., 2007, Exploration with controlled-source electromagnetics under basalt cover in India: The Leading Edge, 26, Issue 360-363.


Strack., K.M., and Petrov, A.A., 2007, Marine time domain controlled source electromagnetics (tCSEM™): another way to illuminate marine,  reservoirs, Proc. 8th China International Geo-Electromagnetic Workshop, Jingzhou, China, paper 3, 9-14.


Strack, K.-M.,  and Vozoff, K., 1996, Integrating long-offset transient electromagnetics (LOTEM) with seismics in an exploration environment: Geophysical Prospecting, 44, 99-101.


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Schon, J. H., 1996, Electrical Properties of Rocks, in Schon, J. H., 1996, Physical Properties of Rocks: Fundamentals and Principles of Petrophysics

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